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Like all leading sites we monitor our traffic data in real time. We use Google Analytics (used by 57% of the top 10,000 sites in the world) so our data is third party supplied and therefore totally neutral.

We're currently collating our early usage data for display. Obviously we can't give out all the information as some of it would impact our visitors privacy (for example their IP address) but we will be releasing all the key figures so you know just how popular we are.
We made over half a million page views in a week, a million in 12 days, and 3 million in our first month!
  • Over 500,000 page views in one week
  • Over 500,000 visitors in 15 days
  • Visits from over 100 Countries / Regions!
  • A bounce rate of under 15%!! 1

1 "It is really hard to get a bounce rate under 20%" - Avinash Kaushik , Google Analytics Specialist

Learn more about what this means on Wikipedia.
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Last Update August 2010
3 weeks for over a million hits, average traffic over 50,000 a day!
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