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Shipping Container Self Storage
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According to the Self Storage Federation a trade group charged with monitoring such things, the United Kingdom now possesses hundreds of personal storage sites. Independent operators apart from a few brand name companies own all this space. Surprisingly expansion is on the rise with the demand for storage space reaching new heights every week. What this translates into is the fact that self-storage is booming, and the construction of such sites is increasing daily. The use of Shipping Containers is gathering momentum every day with demand out stripping supply in some areas.

The underline result is a continued need for self-storage. Becoming a self-storage operator is a difficult path to travel, as the location, acquisition and construction of Shipping Container Self Storage site can be very stressful. There are a number of contributory factors involved in this sometimes hard but very lucrative industry.

As always Shipping Container Trader brings you the best of the market place and the companies below offer great services and professional advice.

Container Trader Acquires the Self Storage Federation

The UK Self Storage Market consists of numerous smaller storage yards as well as a few larger regional or national players. Smaller yards are often constructed from post shipping market containers, offering the benefit of simple modularity, security and robustness whilst minimising expense. The Self Storage Federation offers a unique service to storage facility owners, offering a support network, access to accreditation schemes, expert marketing advice, business advice and access to hundreds of specialist contractors. With the clear synergies between Container Trader and the Self Storage Federation it was a natural move to bring the Federation into container trader. Find out more about the benefits at

See how containers are used as storage facilities in our gallery.

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