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On this marketing section of the website, your business portfolio and website link to promote your company. This website will get massive UK exposure and will also be seen globally by thousands guaranteed, our website will become an industry must. Your company will be presented before a global audience every single day.
A typical advert - all adverts can be hyperlinked
Typical Advert
How it works
Our process is simple and our prices are low!
  • Choose your plan - 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Design your advert (see below) or we can design it for you
  • Advise us which page you would prefer to be seen on
  • Make payment
  • Your ad appears and reaches 100,000's of potential customers!
Low prices - high coverage - that's the difference
  • 3 months - Just £60
  • 6 months - Just £100
  • 12 months - Just £180 - only £15 per month!
Advert Size and Design
Adverts are a standard size of 318px high by 141px deep. The example to the right shows what these mean in real terms. We can design your advert for you at no cost* or you can supply it to us in the appropriate size.

We can accept adverts in the following standard formats; .bmp , .png, .jpg. We also accept .gif both static or animated and flash (.swf) objects.

All adverts will be hyperlinked to your website if you have one, or to an email address if you prefer (see below for more on websites).

Next Steps
Contact us now. Your advert could be up and running in days!

Web Design
These days a website isn't a nice to have part of your business - it's an essential. Your customers will expect a website that they can peruse to see if you're the right company for them. Not only that but the web allows you to provide customers with limitless information that you simply could not get into a traditional advert in a paper or trade magazine.

If you don't have a website you may be surprised to learn that they're not as expensive as you may think. Shipping Container Trader recommend  the team who designed this very site - pay as you go websites. As the company name suggests they offer sites on a pay as you go basis, reducing your up front fees and allowing you to flexibly develop your web pages whilst keeping costs low. Find out more at

*Due to our low costs, if we design your advert it is done "as-is". We will fit text and images you supply with regard to a decent resolution for them to be viewable, and cannot guarantee to get all media supplied included due to space.
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